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Acupuncture, Chinese Cupping Massage, Herbals, Reiki

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapies:

TCM has a history of thousands of years of use in China.  Chinese Medicine therapy may include: acupuncture, Chinese herbals, dietary therapy, electro-acupuncture, ear acupuncture, scalp needling, cupping massage and gua sha.  These therapies are described below and they maybe combined and used together during your acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture- deals with the treatment and prevention of disease by stimulating acupuncture points along the meridians on your body.  Meridians are energy pathways that carry nutrients and energy to your organs and tissues.  These meridians are often blocked by an imbalance of energy or blood.  Acupuncture can regulate and harmonize the flow of energy and blood to help enhance your life and vitality and stop pain.  The basic mechanisms of acupuncture are: analgesic, regulatory and immunological effects.

With the use of Electro-Needling Therapy, the pain sensory fibers in nerves can be inhibited to block the patient’s sense of pain.  Electro-needling is achieved by the use of an electro-acupuncture device which provides stimulation to an acupuncture point or group of acupoints.  Electro-needling provides a small electric charge similar to the biological electricity of the human body.  This can be performed during an appointment with no additional charge.

Chinese Herbal Medicine– involves the use of plants and seeds for their therapeutic effect, and often a combination of herbs is used to address the root cause of illness and it’s physical signs and symptoms.  Depending on your particular ailment the initial Chinese herbal formula may change over time as you heal.  It is recommended that you buy them from a fully trained Chinese medicine practitioner for your specific condition and for your safety. 

Chinese Cupping Massage- is an external muscle therapy used for back pain, cough and common cold.  It is performed with the use of glass cups which are applied to the skin surface.  The air is sucked out and when suction is achieved it helps to loosen tight muscles, open meridians and invigorate the local soft tissues, thus reducing pain and stiffness within the muscles.

Scalp Needling- is a therapeutic method that uses acupuncture on specific areas of the scalp.  The needle is rapidly inserted between the skin and scalp in predetermined areas according to the symptoms presented.  Some commonly treated syndromes are: paralysis, pain or numbness of the limb(s) or face, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, vertigo, tinnitus, impaired hearing, difficult speech, vision problems, functional disturbance of the limbs and more.

Gua Sha- is a useful Asian massage technique that uses an instrument to apply pressure and massage in a unilateral direction to facilitate muscle relaxation, flush out the fascia and muscles and increase circulation; sometimes called coining or spooning.

Ear Acupuncture- is a type of acupuncture that involves inserting acupuncture needles into specific points within the ear, these points have connections to other body areas such as the internal organs and body parts.  Ear acupuncture commonly is used to help with weight loss, quitting smoking, reducing anxiety and to help with relaxation and sleep.  In order to prolong the effect, ear seeds may be taped over the ear acupuncture point and can stay in place for up to 4 days.  

Needle-Free Treatment Options:

Dietary Therapy- uses food to maintain health or to help in the management of illness.  TCM deals with properties of foods, their affects on health and their therapeutic use.  TCM dietary therapy has a history of over 3000 years which has been recorded in literature but has also been handed down from generation to generation.

Acutonics sound therapy- is the use of specially designed tuning forks that activate the acupuncture points and meridians to encourage healing and relaxation with the use of vibration and sound, this is a excellent option for the elderly, children and even grown-ups!

Reiki is a form of energy work that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  It can improve physical comfort, promote relaxation and a sense of well-being, and can impact mental and emotional issues such as grief, resentment, and negativity.  Reiki can be performed on everyone, children, pregnant women, pets, and even plants. It is not possible for Reiki to do harm.  During your session, I will direct Reiki energy by holding my hands on or over different areas of your body. You may experience nothing or you may see colors, hear sounds or feel tingling, lightness, or warmth, as well you may experience something not listed here.  Reiki is offered as a distance healing session or can be done in office.

Raindrop Essential Oil Massage utilizes 8 - 10 therapeutic grade essential oils that are lightly massaged into the feet and back, aromatherapy at its best! 

Reiki and Raindrop sessions cannot be submitted to insurance plans for reimbursement.  GST will be added to these services at check-out.

Red Light Therapy now available https://international.celluma.com/blogs/blog/red-light-therapy-for-wrinkles

* Now offering student craniosacral therapy sessions at no charge - send me a email if you are interested, please include your telephone number!

Janis, a biodynamic cranial sacral therapy student in the Body Intelligence - 2 year training program is offering free sessions as part of her clinical practicum. I’m hoping you, your family members or friends would be willing to help her by volunteering to receive a craniosacral therapy session.

Here are the particulars:

Sessions are 30 minutes long.

The sessions are for the students to practice, so the emphasis is on what they need to learn more than what the volunteer needs treated. Since the goal of biodynamic work is to promote health in the client there is always benefit to the client regardless of what is ‘worked’ on.

Appointments must be scheduled in advance through the clinic, send me a email if you are interested, please include your telephone number!

For more information on Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy: http://www.bodyintelligence.com/about/what-is-biodynamic-craniosacral-therapy