Janis Krause Acupuncture

Insurance and Direct Billing

We are currently offering direct billing for select insurance companies and plans (listed below), if you would like your acupuncture treatment direct billed you will need to have your insurance card as well as a copy of your doctors note (if required by your insurance company).  These direct billing forms need to be completed before we can submit any predeterminations or insurance claims InsuranceForms.pdf

Blue Cross (RCMP Medavie Bluecross does not cover acupuncture in SK)
Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance
Desjardins Insurance
Great-West Life (Canada post employees will have to submit manually)
Industrial Alliance
Manulife Financial
Maximum Benefit or Johnston Group
Standard Life
Claim Secure

FYI: Your claim may be audited! One in twelve claims go through an audit. When this happens we ask that the patient pays for their acupuncture treatment up front and submits their own receipt.   Your insurance company will reimburse you the money by mail or by direct deposit within a few days.

The following insurance providers have approved acupuncture treatments from PTCMAAS (www.saskacupuncture.ca) members and CMAAC association members.  However, only the insurance companies themselves can officially approve a claim.  Please check with your insurance provider to be completely certain.

Saskatchewan Blue Cross
The Cooperators (no direct billing available)
Group Medical Services (GMS)
Standard Life
Great West Life
Green Shield (no direct billing available)
Claim Secure

Here are a few questions to ask your insurance provider as insurance can vary from province to province:

Will my plan cover acupuncture?
Do I need a doctor’s note?
How many visits per calendar year?
How much is the plan maximum?
Do I have a co-pay?
Do I have a deductible?  If yes, has it been met?
Do you accept electronic submissions (direct billing/eclaims).